The Composer's Legacy
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Esteemed California music professor David Whealy is drawn to the other side of the country to investigate the circumstances behind his unexpected inheritance. As David probes deeper into the secrets of his benefactor, James Burton West, he finds more than just a wealth of unpublished music on the order of the great composers. David’s benefactor knew precious little about his own estate that had been in continuous family hands since 1724. He knew nothing about his colonial ancestor, a Thomas of historic import, nor the origins of that ancient iron key which held a secret even West knew nothing about. A secret which may well have redrawn the map of the United States.
Release Sep 2017
Soundtrack composed by the author
The Old Corsair - Diligently working on the manuscript. Please keep checking in as I make progress toward publication.  Here's hoping you are as impressed with the new cover as I am! Great job, Josh!
Assigned to a detail on Badger Island, junior naval intelligence officer Terrie Murphy stumbles upon evidence of a uniquely refitted pirate vessel from 1788. Tracking down the clues she gleans from these artifacts, including a Captain’s Log from a missing merchant vessel, Terrie begins to unravel the mystery of this ship and its enigmatic captain, Vernon "Cyclops" Tunney. As Terrie gets closer to the answer, a relentless federal agent takes elaborate steps to keep her from discovering a secret the federal government had been trying to conceal for two centuries.
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Soundtrack composed by the author