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Debut Novel
Garners Awards

2017 edition of The Composer's Legacy ​picks up multiple awards for
literary excellence.

First published in 2013, The Composer's Legacy was warmly received by family and friends. Not much of a surprise there. But one particular reviewer who savaged it with a 1-star rating for poor editing (among other things) wasn't impressed. Like many authors who invest so much time and effort into their work, it's a crushing blow to receive such an appraisal. Not one to just leave it at that, I accepted the criticism in the spirit intended and acted on the recommendations.

I hired an independent editor to scrub the entire manuscript (a salutary experience to be sure). Once she returned her feedback, I withdrew the book and got to work with a new publisher. Months of manuscript review, clipping over twelve thousand words and updating material facts was well worth the investment. An advance copy was submitted to Readers' Favorite. Amazingly, it received a glowing 5-stars.

Encouraged by the review, I sent it off to several independent competitions to market the book once it was released. To date, The Composer's Legacy has been singled out for literary excellence from New Apple as an "Official Selection", the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs with a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, winning the cross genre category in the 2018 Independent Press Awards, a finalist in both the National Indie Excellence Awards and the International Book Awards, and now winning Silver in the 2018 Readers' Favorite Book Awards. When one considers the sea of talented independent authors out there with whom we 'indies' share the stage, it's an awesome feeling to know your work had the quality to rise above such competition. For me, this was a lesson in perseverance. If you believe in your work strong enough to see it to fruition, you'll be rewarded by the results.